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A special message from Liz:

I love art. I really like [my] home art studio.  I make paper.  I feel excited to make art. The paper [is] really pretty.  Please buy my art.

Several years ago Liz was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Mowat-Wilson Syndrome, a condition that affects organ tissue. There are currently less than 200 people worldwide with this diagnosis. From the moment her life began in 1995, she began facing inconceivable challenges.


For many years  teachers told us Liz lacked the cognitive ability to learn. Yet, in our hearts we knew, and with our eyes we saw, this was simply not true. Her family and friends see a happy and loving human overcoming all obstacles in her way. Together we found a dedicated home schooling and therapy team who have allowed Liz’s list of accomplish to grow long and strong. Among them are: her ability to communicate through eye gaze, her ability to partake in exercises like walking and riding bike, playing the piano, bravely facing the highest of roller coasters while laughing wildly, and each year Liz swims with wild dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, it’s when Liz is covered head-to-toe in paint that you can most see the joy and love she has of art, shine through. The paper Liz creates is the most exceptional way you could ever wrap a gift. It is a glorious explosion of color with unending movement.


When we talked to Liz about selling her paper and starting a business, she told her teacher that she wanted to help people that had seizures, and help kids go to school and learn. This is an amazing statement from an artist whose former teachers refused to see the potential for Liz to create great things for this world. 


To support Liz’s wishes, if you choose to purchase a paper dedicated to one of our charities, one dollar will be donated to that charity.

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